August 1, 2010

When I Look At You

That's when I look at you.
Wonderful people around you. Just appreciate. Some are rubbish aren't they? But you aren't that good either :)

Tifanny !! Gigi !!

July 23, 2010


Not everyone can produce results even though they're tutored.
Not everyone can produce results consistently even if they study.

Some just need more time.
Some need more exposure.

At least i tried? @#$%^%$!!%^%%#

June 24, 2010

Pour It Out

Cried. And cried and cried.

Still crying.

June 20, 2010


Jimmy had a beautiful face and was a great athlete. Sportsman-model criteria. He was a good guy. He was rich but he always donated some of his assets to the community who were in need. He loved charity. He loved his parents too. But somehow this guy had his ego weighing as much as an Olympic gold. Jimmy's hobby was car racing .

Two years ago,on a Friday night, he took his passion too far. ( to be fair it was his ego.) Jimmy saw how is friends sped around and displaying fancy tricks with their cars. He wanted to give it a try. Much of it was due to the bet he had with his friends. Now Jimmy wasn't going to step down from a bet. He never did once in his life. Everything changed when he lost control and slammed his car against an incoming truck. His face was crushed against the front mirror and broke most of his bones in his face. On the outside, his face seems almost perfect with just slight bruises which would heal in a a week time. His girlfriend Janice was shocked to discover that he couldn't even hold a smirk when she tried to communicate with him. Stunned. Doctors said they were 30% sure of getting the bones fixed back in place. But couldn't promise that he would be able to mimic normal human expressions ever again. Jimmy of course was flabbergasted. His whole life was depended on that face of his. His face was his source fame and fortune. Now it's all gone.

Jimmy was paralysed ( his face ). He was similar to a stroke patient. He lost everything in his life. His car, house, and even his girlfriend Janice. Jimmy went to a beach just behind the housing area he used to live in. He sat there for hours and hours contemplating on what had he done to deserve all this. He contributed to charity and he never committed crimes nor was he unfaithful to his girlfriend. After a long time of soul searching he finally realized that this calamity was the consequence of his own actions.

He was too self possessed with his ego. He was placing too much importance on his ego. In short, he didn't appreciate what he had. His life was good. But he always wanted more and there goes his life. Self destruction.

Jimmy had to live the rest of his life with his broken face and the insecurity he had to face in public. But soon as he got the courage to face the public with his so called " ugly" appearance, he was shocked to discover that people actually like what is inside of you. Jimmy was always a down to earth and self reflecting person. And they really do like him for his attitude. Of course there were people who kept a distance from him because of his appearance, but people with wisdom and kindness were getting close to him. They loved him. He fell in love with Jane. A hugely successful businesswoman. Jane said he fell in love with his courage to admit his mistakes and move on with life. Jimmy is now working as a volunteer in Uganda. It's a project he and his wife Jane works on. He travels all around the world helping poverty stricken children suffering from deathly diseases. Jimmy said he was happy and the happiness he felt was the same as the one he owned previously.

Jimmy broke his face. It didn't change anything. The truth is , nothing really changed. He was still the same Jimmy inside. His heart never turned away from love and compassion.

June 1, 2010

Exam's Over

Just back from badminton. Great feeling.

Birthday was yesterday. Most memorable birthday since the IU night event in 2008. Thanks for the gifts and love you showered upon me all this time. I appreciate it. Don't be dissapointed.

Thanks God. =)

May 28, 2010

OK. Please Rain

能彀在遠方看到你地真摯也是一種幸福. 能彀听到你地声音也已经是足够的靠近

May 14, 2010

Who Do You Love?

You must tell 14 people about this game in 4 days in order to make your wish come true.

Yee Chen is the one that you love.

Yee Ting is one you like but can't work out.

You care most about Veen Dee.

Emilyn is the one who knows you very well.

Joanne is your lucky star.

When I Look At You is the song that matches with Yee Chen.

It's Only Life is the song for Yee Ting.

Like A Fire is the song that tells you most about your mind.

And Wei Yi is the song telling how you feel about life!

Get the quiz here. =p

May 1, 2010

Pack of lessons in one night

In JB now. Grandpa's birthday. The food was too delicious really. I couldn't finish everything.

Miss you ^^

Good night =)